Welcome to OneOffUnique!

Based in the idyllic Monmouthshire countryside, OneOffUnique is all about the name; one-off and unique.

For home, business, pleasure and work, our wacky, wonderful (and occasionally weird!) concepts create bespoke conversational pieces that get noticed.

Bringing you quality-made, predominantly British-build furniture, our chairs, sofas, furniture and interior decorator pieces are remodeled, re-purposed and injected with a whole new lease of life to complement your true tastes and personality. 

Whether restoring an inherited piece to your modern tastes or redesigning an entire room from scratch, OneOffUnique is your perfect stop for tailored furniture and custom-made pieces. 

With creative designs originating from Europe and Asia too, your new furnishings will be sure to tell a story. 

* All our prices are based on individual bespoke requirements dependant on design and non-commissioned & limited edition fabrics.*